Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes


less than 1 hour 300yen
less than 2 hours 500yen
less than 3 hours 750yen
less than 4 hours 1,000yen
less than 5 hours 1,250yen
5 hours and more 1,500yen
Return to a different station. 2,500yen
Overnight additional 500yen


You need to…
  • 1. fill out a form
  • 2. show your ID, and we will make a photocopy
  • 3. make sure to lock the bike when unattended.
  • If you are a member of the Tateyama Fan Club or Tateyama City Tourist Information Association LINE, show your membership card for a 100 yen discount for rides of 2 hours or more.
    You can join the Tateyama Fan Club and LINE on the spot at Tateyama Station Tourist Information Center West Exit.
    Only one discount applies per rental.

We have no reservation system for electric bikes. The number of bikes is limited, and they are rented out on a first come first served basis.


Please check out and return to

Tateyama Station West Exit Tourism Information Center 0470-22-2000 9:30-17:00 drop off OK
JR Tateyama station East Exit JR Busteck Tateyama 0470-25-7720 9:30-17:00 drop off OK
Nagisa no Eki Tateyama 0470-22-3606
9:30-17:00 drop off OK
Tateyama Family Park 0470-28-1110 9:30-17:00
Aloha Garden Tateyama 0470-28-1511 9:30-17:00 drop off OK
Freai Shop Heisaura 0470-28-3111 9:30-17:00 drop off OK
  • Please check out and return bikes to the same station.
  • With an additional charge, you can drop off your bike at other stations noted above as “drop off OK”.

The drop off service is limited to individuals or groups of 5 people or less.

Cycle along Hanaumi Kaido

Flower and Ocean Road

Tokyo Bay and the Pacific Ocean, Uchibo (Inner Boso) area and Sotobo (Outer Boso) area, the sunrise and the sunset: all are accessible from the Minamiboso area, located on the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula. It is close to the Tokyo metropolitan area, yet the area is abundant with scenic wonder like the blue ocean and beautiful green hills. It is very representative of a traditional Japanese countryside.

Welcome to Minamiboso Hanaumi Kaido.


Tateyama Cycling Map