City Cycles Rental

Compact Electric Bikes

Of the two kinds of electric bikes, this is a better choice for a long distance ride.
Adjustable for tall people (type ② and ③ have higher maximum saddle height)

One day2,000yen
Second and subsequent days (10% off)1,800yen
Rental hours9:30~17:00
Group discount (10 riders or more)10%
Return to a different station.additional 1,000
TypeRider height (cm)Make
Compact Electric Bikes(20 inch)①
(4 bikes available)
Compact Electric Bikes(20 inch)②
(4 bikes available)
Compact Electric Bikes(24 inch)③
(5 bikes available)

26-inch electric bikes  (no reservation accepted)

less than 2 hours600yen
less than 3 hours900yen
less than 4 hours1,200yen
less than 5 hours1,500yen
5 hours and more1,800yen
Return to a different station.
Need to apply when renting a bike.
Overnightadditional 500yen

26 inch power-assisted bike with a child seat

rider height : 145cm or more
child for the seat should be : 115cm or shorter, 21kg or lighter, under the age of 6 but older than 1

less than 2 hours1,100yen
less than 3 hours1,400yen
less than 4 hours1,700yen
less than 5 hours2,000yen
5 hours and more2,300yen

Kid’s bike (not electric assisted)

One day1,000
Second and subsequent days (10% off)900
Rental hours9:30~17:00
Check out / return toTateyama Station West Exit Tourist Information Center
TypeRider height(cm)
Kid’s bike①18 inch(2 bikes available)108
Kid’s bike②20 inch(2 bikes available)115
Kid’s bike③22 inch(2 bikes available)116


You need to…

  • 1. fill out a form
  • 2. show your ID, and we will make a photocopy
  • 3. make sure to lock the bike when unattended.

If you are a member of the Tateyama Fan Club or Tateyama City Tourist Information Association LINE, show your membership card for a 100 yen discount for rides of 2 hours or more.
You can join the Tateyama Fan Club and LINE on the spot at Tateyama Station Tourist Information Center West Exit.

Only one discount applies per rental.

  • Limited number of bikes are available.
  • We accept no reservation for 26-inch electric bikes.


Please check out and return to

Tateyama Station West Exit Tourism Information Center0470-22-20009:30-17:00
JR Tateyama station East Exit JR Busteck Tateyama0470-25-77209:30-17:00
Nagisa no Eki Tateyama0470-22-3606
Aloha Garden Tateyama0470-28-15119:30-17:00
Freai Shop Heisaura0470-28-31119:30-17:00
  • Please check out and return bikes to the same station.
  • With an additional charge, you can drop off your bike at other stations noted above as “drop off OK”.

The drop off service is limited to individuals or groups of 5 people or less.


Reserve your bike by 3pm the day before prior to renting.

To make a reservation, call us or use the reservation form below.

Phone:0470-22-2000Sports Bike Rental Reservation Form

  • Your reservation is complete when you receive an email from us.
  • Renting on the spot is possible depending on availability.
  • At the time of reservation, we need your name, age, cell phone number, contact number in case of emergency, your address, the type of bike you wish to rent, and the date and time you wish to rent.
  • Numbers and types of bikes are limited.
  • If you don’t show up without contacting us, your reservation will be cancelled automatically, one hour after your reserved time.
  • If you wish to cancel the reservation, please call us by 5pm the day before your reservation.

To prevent infection, we ask visitors to our office to wear a mask.
In case you don’t feel well, please notify us of your cancellation (no cancellation fee required).

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