map_sUnhurried Tateyama is a small coastal town that fills the southern tip of Chiba’s Boso Peninsula. Just two hours out of Tokyo, it’s an ideal getaway — peaceful and relaxed, full of natural beauty and low-key recreation.

Wander the sandy beaches, the village lanes, or the narrow roads alongside the terraced rice paddies, and savor the mild air.  Unwind at a spa-with-a-view.

Come for activity: Tateyama’s home to triathlons and bike marathons, surfing, snorkeling, beach volleyball, sand-boarding, bayside dancing under the fireworks.

Find new meaning to the words local, diverse, fresh. Go fishing at dawn out of hidden coves into the Pacific; feast on sushi minutes out of the sea.  Hike the trails; bike the byways. Check out the festivals, all hundred of them.

Tateyama is a place to catch your breath.