Coastlines and Countryside


Along Japanese coastlines, the mountains seem to taper off right into the sea. The meeting of the two is especially gentle along Tateyama’s shores. Here you can wander the sandy beaches, bike quiet, narrow roads alongside satoyama rice paddies, and climb old sylvan trails.


hojoBeaches: Tateyama boasts about 30 kilometers of coastline, and 11 municipal beaches. Inquire at tourist information about snorkeling, diving, fishing, surfing, and other activities. MORE


okinosima-sOkinoshima: Tateyama’s most famous beach, a 200-meter long sandbar that connects the mainland with a secret treasure — the small, uninhabited island called Okinoshima. MORE

Yacho-no-mori Wild Bird Preserve

yachonomoriFollow the Flower Line coastal road, which truly does burst with blooms from November right through May. Beaches will beckon on one side; on the other, take the road to the wild bird preserve, Yacho no mori. MORE

Cycling Trails

cyclingmap_nagofunakataThe Tateyama region is a natural for bicycling. Bike rentals, including battery-assisted bikes, are available right at the station and at several shops nearby. MORE