Welcome to Tateyama

Experience Boso peninsula,
where you meet the coastline
and countryside.

Direct express bus from Tokyo
Travel time of 80 minutes

Tateyama City Tourist Information Office

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Located on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture, Tateyama is a captivating place where, despite its proximity to the city, the traditional charm of Japan’s old landscapes and cultural heritage thrives. Here, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the urban life and immerse yourself in a serene environment.

Let me introduce you to the enchanting tourist spots and unique experiences that allow you to fully appreciate the allure of Tateyama.


Tateyama takes pride in its fresh local seafood. The region is renowned for its local dishes such as ‘namerou’ and ‘sanga-yaki,’ which highlight the use of fish. Numerous sushi restaurants are scattered throughout Tateyama, offering a modest and unpretentious atmosphere where you can savor dishes made from locally sourced seafood. The exceptional freshness of the seafood enhances the joy of dining, creating a truly unique experience.

Furthermore, Tateyama is home to distinctive cafes and specialty shops. Here, you can explore a gourmet scene that uniquely blends food and culture. We invite you to indulge in the culinary delights that Tateyama has to offer, where the fusion of food and culture creates a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience.


In Tateyama, there are traditional crafts such as Boso folding fans and Tozan weaving. Boso folding fans adorned with Tozan weaving are a rare and unique item. From dried seafood to sweets, as well as locally-produced honey, be sure to indulge in the variety of local products available in Tateyama.


In the tourist destination of Tateyama, you can enjoy various types of accommodations,
including traditional Japanese tatami rooms, inns with hot spring baths in the rooms,
and inns with large communal bathing facilities.

Onsen (Hot Spring)

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There are numerous hotels and inns where you can experience an onsen or hot springs.
Japanese love onsen. Soaking yourself in the hot bath relaxes your body and mind,
easing your fatigue and stress.
Here are some rules when going to an Onsen:
Do not wear any clothes. The baths are usually separated by gender.
Wash yourself before going into the bath tub.
Do not bring your towel in the tub.
Do not swim in the tub.

Seasonal Events

1月Strawberry Picking
Wakashio Marathon
The peak season for canola flowers.
2月Seasonal Operation of High-Speed Jet Boats
3月The plum blossoms are in full bloom.
4月Sakura Splendor
5月Diamond Fuji
The peak season for azaleas.
Tateyama Wakashio Triathlon
7月Diamond Fuji
Opening of a Seaside Bathing Area
Tateyama Sea Town Festa
8月Fireworks And Flamenco
9月Yawatan-machi Festival
11月The peak season for autumn leaves.